We provide two solutions to staff who are constantly worried about month-end instead of focusing on work.

  1. We provide free confidential telephonic support to employees who need advice on how to handle their debt. We include free credit reports and credit scoring.
  2. We work with company HR managers to identify if there is any need for employee financial wellness training. We offer power lunch talks to the staff.

HR & Payroll departments often feel the debt burden of their employees in the sense that these employees sometimes borrow money from fellow workers creating friction in the workplace, or they might even approach the company directly to secure a loan.

You might be surprised to hear that, in our experience, the company is usually the last port of call when it comes to securing a loan and is usually only a viable option when the employee has exhausted all other avenues.

They might even try to take up weekend and after hours work to make ends meet, and therefore come to work tired.

At some companies, employees try to cash in their pensions or borrow against in order to make payments on unsecured debt, thereby negating the good advantage the company had in the marketplace by offering the pension in the first place.

When creditors are ignored, it could lead to garnishee orders that impact on the payroll department.