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There may be an appeal against last week’s decision by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) to halt a voluntary debt mediation service. And debt counsellors are divided over whether the regulator’s decision is, in fact, a victory for you, the

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The difference between Administration Orders and Debt Review

What is the difference between an Administration order and Debt Review?   It is important that you know where the two processes originate from to understand the difference in results. Administration Orders are granted in terms of Section 74 of

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Almost half of credit active consumers in South Africa are struggling to pay their creditors.

That is one in every two people walking around with a credit card in their pockets! Arguments around whether the actual number of credit active consumers are growing at a slower or faster rate seem academic at this point, because

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Consolidation of Debt into a home loan

Pay Plan Solutions has developed a number of solutions by combining different products or services in order to restore consumer financial wellbeing or to achieve certain goals for clients. Every client that consults with Pay Plan Solutions, has a few

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The benefit of the code of conduct in the Debt Counselling industry.

Section 86 (7) of the National Credit Act deals with the powers of the Magistrate’s court in re-arranging the consumer’s credit agreements if the consumer is over-indebted. The Magistrate can extend the period of the agreement by reducing the amount

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Pay Plan Solutions

In the first half of 2012, Angelique Arde wrote an article in personal finance highlighting the 10 questions to ask your debt counsellor. The industry seems to have adopted a number of changes, but Pay Plan Solutions decided to answer

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