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There are a few elements that we believe set us apart from many others. We have been helping consumers with Debt Counselling applications since the beginning of 1999 and we are registered with the National Credit Regulator. Our director, Eugene Cilliers, is an active member of DCASA (the Debt Counsellor’s Association of South Africa) and served on the National Executive committee from 2012 to 2014. He has also commented extensively on various topics in the media and regularly contributes on the industry forums http://www.dcasa.co.za/forum/index.php.

We strictly adhere to industry codes of conduct in order to make the debt counselling process as smooth as possible. Sticking to the codes of conduct allows us to get full consent on all relevant aspects for our clients, which in turn allows us to submit applications to the National Consumer Tribunal instead of a Magistrate’s Court. This saves our clients time, as they are not required to take time off from work to appear in court. There is also a concomitant saving in legal fees.

For a copy of our registration certificate, send an email to: certificates@payplansolutions.co.za

Our products clearly illustrate that within our group we offer a number of additional services. We make use of attorneys to provide assistance with all sequestration and liquidation matters. They will also gladly assist with property transfer and can also give advice about Bankruptcy applications. We work closely with a Business Rescue practitioner, a chartered accountant with years of valuable experience.

We outsource our consolidation products to registered service providers who supply niche products to the financial services industry.

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