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Debt review is a

  process to restructure your debt into one easy payment
  way to improve your credit score and clear your credit record
  plan to increase the amount you have for day to day living expenses
  solution to get you out of debt faster
  strategy to protect your assets like cars and houses
  return to complete financial wellness

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Family Finance Advice & Divorce

A marriage in community of property is undoubtedly the cheapest and most popular form of all the matrimonial regimes, although deeply flawed. In this form of marriage, the spouses’ estates (what they own/assets and any debt/liabilities) are joined - Maurice Phillips | Wisenberg

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Business Rescue

Business Rescue is a process that will work for certain companies under very specific conditions...

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Corporate Employee Financial Wellness

We provide two solutions to staff who are constantly worried about month-end instead of focusing on work, HR Managers this is for you.

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Our mission

At Pay Plan Solutions we eat, sleep and breathe financial wellbeing!

Whether you’re an individual in your personal capacity, family, divorcee, business or an employee seeking financial stability; we will do our absolute best to get you credit worthy again.

We strive to make sure that the process we follow is one that is fair and transparent, for our client’s peace of mind we offer our NCR certificate upon request.

The debt counselling process to those that are uniformed has plenty of negative connotations and may seem rather daunting. Here at Pay Plan Solutions our staff ensure that you have a positive and well-rounded experience from start to finish.

You can trust us

There are a few elements that we believe set us apart from many others. We have been helping consumers with Debt Counselling applications since the beginning of 1999 and we are registered with the National Credit Regulator.

Our director, Eugene Cilliers, is an active member of DCASA (the Debt Counsellor’s Association of South Africa) and served on the National Executive committee since 2012.

We strictly adhere to industry codes of conduct to make the debt counselling process as smooth as possible. Sticking to the codes of conduct allows us to get full consent on all relevant aspects for our clients, which in turn allows us to submit applications to the National Consumer Tribunal instead of a Magistrate’s Court.

For a copy of our registration certificate, send an email to: