• Debt simply increasing?
  • Made payment arrangements, but balances not coming down?
  • Debt Counselling could not help?
  • No hope of repaying debt on your current salary?
  • Perhaps your business failed and you have ended up with personal debt from which you cannot recover?
  • Been paying off your debt for years, but still owe as much as when you started?

In some instances it is necessary to start over with a clean slate. To have any hope of rebuilding their financial future again, some people might consider bankruptcy as an option. If liabilities exceed assets (one owes more than one’s assets are worth) one is technically insolvent, and if one is not able to pay off the debt, it is sometimes a wise move to apply for Voluntary Sequestration and declare oneself bankrupt. There are many things to consider and a number of questions one would probably want answered.

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